A downloadable game for Windows

Fight for the Future! Enemy's are taking down your base! try to eliminate all enemys! choose between 1 - 6 different classes! what are you waiting for? fight now! controls in game. Online only. Base Team is a 3D shooter/war game to try to shoot all the enemys so you can save your home town! 

Install instructions

1. Download Base Team

2. Right click on the .zip file, and click Extract all.

3. then go to the extracted file, and scroll all the way down

4. then double click the application named pwrapperwin



Base_Team_1.4.zip 68 MB

Development log


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Wait isn't this cloud based?

for a new dev u did a ok job, though why do you have doom guy in the cover art?

He has the doom guy in the cover art because the players look like a doom guy.

those are the Marines.

also it looks like the game was made in scratch, for a game like this I would recommend using a engine like unity since its a 3D engine and not as limited as scratch

i have unity, but i have not got to use it yet. and i worked very hard on this.

You guys should try out Guns of War if you like this game! Guns of War Link: https://itzdevilminty.itch.io/gow/devlog/35355/why-not-base-team

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Is this game open-source? (If yes u link me the .sb2 or .zip with the code)

i'm sorry but the game is not open-source. it has all rights to it. (it is not creative commons)

Ok, I made a game based on 3D Laser Tag which is what this is based on called Guns of War!