A downloadable game for Windows

After you pounded the door with the hammer, you successfully escaped. however, the cat followed you. so you went down into the basement and looked behind you, and there, right in the corner of your eye, was the CAT. then you realized you had a hammer in your hand. so you took the other side of the hammer and sliced the cat's face. YOU WATCHED as all the cat's guts spilled out, but you did not care. the bad news is that the cat is still alive, now you have to find 3 keys to escape the basement.


Arrow keys to move (cannot go backwards)

Just land on a key to pick it up.

Objective: collect 3 keys to escape the basement without the cat getting you.

Install instructions

1. Download STNWK 2

2. Right click on the .zip file, and click Extract all.

3. then go to the extracted file, and scroll all the way down

4. then double click the application named pwrapperwin



stnwk2_1.4.zip 68 MB


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I LOVE IT! I wonder how long it took to make. 10/10