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After you escaped the basement, You where just over this crap, so you started beating the cat up to death, but right when you thought he was dead he reached over to you and bit your arm! venom was squirting out like an avalanche on your arm, and suddenly, your heart stopped. after that day, you had your funeral. but the cat was still haunting you, and now you play as the big sister. That night, you fell asleep, in your cozy bed, but then... you started to have a seizure. but it was no seizure, it was the CAT trying to get into your body with his ghost-like body, and then, it stopped. but you are now apart of the cat. so you ran out of your room screaming MOM! DAD! but the cat is following you, and he is copying you. but... if i where you, i would not look at the cat.


Try to find the exit before the cat gets you. HE WANTS YOUR HEART.


You successfully escaped the cat! But now you seemed to run into dad's lab, so you hurried and locked the door before the cat could get you. but you just remembered you can't unlock the door without a key! Thankfully your dad left clues around the room just in case he got locked in. now you have to solve the 5 clues in the lab before the 5 minutes are up. after the 5 minutes are up, the power goes out and the door becomes unlocked. Big thanks to MelzAwezomeDede for some Suggestions for Part2. Credit to Ashley Eddy (Actress in Blue Shift) for Big Sister’s voice. Almost forgot!!! Credit to PutneyCat for the "Escape Game" For STNWK 3 Chap 2.


Solve the 5 clues and escape before kitty can come.


You managed to dodge and escape the cat somehow, And now you are outside in the middle of a forest! (You live in a forest). But the cat locked you out of your home. You now have to find the 8 missing cat posters to convince the cat of what could happen if he does not love and care for you. But for some reason you can't convince the cat, so instead of you feeling the pain of the cat, you £><|#>£¥£~|&&){%<|

Credit to Ashley Eddy for Big Sister's Voice. (Also added in the credits)


Find and collect the 8 missing cat posters... if you can... 


WASD to move

Arrow keys to look around

Space bar to jump

C to crouch

For Chapter 2:

Click with your left mouse to interact with clues

For Chapter 3:

WASD To move.


For chapter 1 only: Do not expect to know the exit every time you play the game.
Every time you start the game, it generates a different map. And a large one, of course.

Install instructions

1. Download STNWK 3

2. Right click on the .zip file, and click Extract all.

3. then go to the extracted file, and scroll all the way down

4. then double click the application named pwrapperwin



stnwk_3_p1_1.1.zip 68 MB
stnwk_3_p2_1.1.zip 68 MB
stnwk_3_p3_1.1.zip 68 MB

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Oh gosh. I just completed chapter 2 and i do not remember the passwords!


THIS. IS. THE COOLEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN ON SCRATCH. How did you make a 3d game on Scratch? Also the fact that its randomly generated is really cool. Anyways, on your first kitty game, I actually saw about a year ago that MARKIPLIER PLAYED IT. Just wanted to say that. But really this is cool

A year ago? which video is it? all i know is that markiplier played it in is 6 scary games video.

I think it was a year ago. But it wasn't in the 6 scary games vid

what video?


I don't remember exactly what it was named, but I just remember seeing it. Also, are you going to do chapter 2? I have a few ideas.

Chapter 2 is being developed in the moment, and i would love to hear your ideas.