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Oh gosh. I just completed chapter 2 and i do not remember the passwords!


THIS. IS. THE COOLEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN ON SCRATCH. How did you make a 3d game on Scratch? Also the fact that its randomly generated is really cool. Anyways, on your first kitty game, I actually saw about a year ago that MARKIPLIER PLAYED IT. Just wanted to say that. But really this is cool

A year ago? which video is it? all i know is that markiplier played it in is 6 scary games video.

I think it was a year ago. But it wasn't in the 6 scary games vid

what video?


I don't remember exactly what it was named, but I just remember seeing it. Also, are you going to do chapter 2? I have a few ideas.

Chapter 2 is being developed in the moment, and i would love to hear your ideas.