STNWK 3 Chapter 3 Is out (End)

You managed to dodge and escape the cat somehow, And now you are outside in the middle of a forest! (You live in a forest). But the cat locked you out of your home. You now have to find the 8 missing cat posters to convince the cat of what could happen if he does not love and care for you. But for some reason you can't convince the cat, so instead of you feeling the pain of the cat, you £><|#>£¥£~|&&){%<|

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Aug 31, 2018

Get Spend The Night With Kitty 3


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I played it! Amazing, uploading a vid on it soon.

Thanks! Is it all chapters?

Just Chapter/Part 3

Haven't played yet, but that description makes the game sound sad. Also, can you edit it and remove the ending because some people do not want spoilers.



Shoot! Almost forgot about that!