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ii would love to download the music for the game. I honestly love it. 

I will post a soundtrack for stnwk some day, and then you will have it.


Guys! SPEND THE NIGHT WITH KITTY 2 is out!!! I am so excited to play it.

Guys please no hate comments!!!

How are you going to take down my opinion and say no hate cmments and leave Rango's comment up.  I'm sorry I may have went over the top but I dont get the point of this game.

Rango’s comment is not mean. He is just asking how it got popular. He doesn’t get it.

I gave i a try when it was the older version, and I had a "fun" time more with the game design than I did playing it. Your hatchimals game was a good start, and I'll have that video coming out on Monday. Thanks.

ok, thanks for the review. but i'm sure that the update is more harder, and it is a game. btw the music is not copyright i made it myself.

Sooooo how have this gotten so popular? I don't get it.

I guess people just like it because its STUPID. but it's not.


wow scary onng im shaking the scaryness is ovepowering mem y life jsut flashed before me way scaryier than outlast really scared me when the cat just touches me with little to no reaction time number 15 burger king foot lettuce

Can you plz give me the game art?

I’m sorry I can not give game art, but you are allowed to make fan art for stnwk and post it in the comments. Thank you :)

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Good game! I like the idea, but the game is WAAAAAAAY too short and more things should have been added before publishing, and the game was not working for me so I had to use a bypass in order to play the game. 8/10


I justed clicked on the start


dude you just click start, it's that simple. if it does not work, then somethings wrong with your pc. i'm sorry, but that's the only way.

oh, wait. there is another solution. once you get in to the game, double click anywhere and then it should be all right. hope this helps! :)

I have the same problem and double clicking is not helping at all!

you may have a virus, it has happened before when you try to click somewhere and there’s a virus causing it.

What was the bypass you used, because I have the same problem.

ask my friend Devil Minty

Bypass  Game Not Working

quick question, why did you delete these videos? if you put them public on YouTube, you may get a lot more subscribers! stnwk has 2,481 views and 273 downloads you know!


Looking Forward For The second night

Cool! It is not letting me start the game can you help? (Read comment I wrote on the game)

What was the bypass you used to get into the game.

eyedisconnected did not use a bypass.

I was replying to Devil Minty's comment

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